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Looking for something to do? Here are the most popular events happening this week

Adventure Events

Explore all the places in the world

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Bar Events

Find a place to relax and enjoy a drink with fellow patrons

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Art/Creative Events

Create your own artpiece and share it with the world

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Restaurant Events

Find a place to eat some of the greatest meals ever found

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Casino Events

Roll dice, play cards and win! win! win!... or lose everything

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Fighting Events

Duel your fellow friends in some PVP focused action

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Roleplay Events

Play a character in the overworld and interact with others to create story

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Music Events

Listen to musical performances and meet new people who do the same

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Night Club Events

The place that never sleeps, dance, chill, and party until the early hours

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Tournament Events

Fight for the title of king of the ring

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Performance Events

Watch creatives perform their craft right in the moment

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Beginner Friendly Events

These places are friendly to newcomers and will be more than happy to help

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Quest Compatible Events

All events in VR that are compatible with Meta Quest devices

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Market Events

Events in this category are places where bartering and trading is encouraged

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OOC Friendly Events

Events that allow players to chat without needing story character

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Outside Events

Events that are focused around being outside.

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