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Grow your events with the Partake

Grow alongside with us as we venture into the world of virtual events. We are looking for community leaders in all spaces that we support so do not hesitate to apply if you feel like you fit the bill!

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Please email us with the same account as you've registered your profile as.

What's in it for me?

We want to support event organizers who really put out their A-game into their events. This is our way of creating both relationships with key players in their respective communities and a way to foster and help grow the space!

We will be providing you with a variety of benefits that will help you by providing you with the tools to manage your events and alongside the community we can build the golden standard for event organizers in gaming.

Unique branding (soon)

You will be able to get your own unique short-link on all your events.

A cool badge

Your organization will show a fancy little badge next to its name to show that you rep Partyvere!

Join a community

Join a community of other top tier event organizers to discuss ideas and share best practices.

Get invited

Get invited to share your voice and help shape the future of virtual events!

Spread the word!

Spread the word about Partake by using our platform for RSVPs, or by adding us to your partners page!

Be an example

We care a lot about each community, and we want to make sure our partners set a great example!

Be inclusive

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we expect our partners to follow this mindset

Share your story

We want to hear your story! Share your experiences with us about how you got to where you are!

What we want from you

To ensure you know what we expect from you, we have a few guidelines to adhere to in the case you become a partner of Partake! Please make sure to read them carefully.

What to include in your application

We'd love to hear about your events organization (link to website (or discord) and Partake page preferred!), how many events you run on average in a month, and more about your organization and your team!

Apply now

Please email us with the same account as you've registered your profile as.