Bratmirki's 2 Year Anniversary @ Bliss

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Light / Raiden

Lavender Beds | Ward 10 | Plot 6

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Well well well.. Looks like we have another anniversary of sorts to celebrate this Tuesday. This time we're gathered to celebrate S̶a̶n̶m̶i̶r̶k̶i̶ Bratmirki's 2 year streaming/dj anniversary. Even we don't know what's in store for you all tonight.. It might be loud.. very loud.. Guess we'll just have to wait and see! 2 years is a hell of a long time to be doing the musics and stuff, and rupturing the eardrums of many..many people. Grab your drinks and get fucked up with us. Cheers! Congrats on the 2 years, and may there be many more too!

With a DJ lineup handpicked by Sanmirki, let's just sit back, relax.. enjoy the fuckin chaos!

Looking for a nice refreshing beverage to set you into just the right buzz to enjoy those good vibes? Perfect! Our Bartenders are fully restocked, rested, and waiting to serve you the finest drinks you'll find. If you fancy taking some risks, give our D20 Shot Roulette a try, whatever number you land on will decide your drink. To spice things up even more, if you roll a 20, you'll be walking home with a prize of 100k Gil.

Got a bad roll and want to try again? Challenge the bartender to a deathroll, if you win, your drink is free! However if you lose... You pay the price!

If you'd like to spend a night with one of our Blossoms, or get yourself a nice picture, all of our services can be prebooked via our Discord in the pre-booking channel, or enquire ingame and we'll get you all sorted!


🌙 Syncshell ID: BlissNightclub | PW: meowsmlems

Music & Stuff

🎧 Yuyu  ~ 6pm till 7pm ST

🎧 Crowny  ~ 7pm till 8pm ST

🎧 Dark Rabbit  ~ 8pm till 9pm ST

🎧 Laarie  ~ 9pm till 10pm ST

🎧 JWJ  ~ 10pm till 11pm ST

🎧 Bratmirki  ~ 11pm till 12am ST

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Bliss is an eastern inspired nightclub with a simple goal in mind. FUN! Plain and simple in it's purest terms. A place for you and all of your friends to come by and chill, listen to music, drink all night long, perhaps indulge in your desires and spend a night with one of our Blossoms. With fun as our core value, we aim to provide the best experience possible. Located in the heart of the Lavender Beds, surrounded by lush green grass, and sights one can only dream of. Bliss started out as a simple nightclub, offering entertainment to all partygoers that stepped through the door. Now evolving to become something much, much bigger. Bliss aims to be your hub for roleplay on Light DC on FFXIV

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